alessandro 5-Steps Hand Spa at Home

Through this 20 min alessandro 5-Steps Hand Spa at Home, the dead cell skin of your hands will be smoothly peeled, then hydrated through precious ingredients of various serums and products in this treatment collection.

Finally, you will find your pair of hands glowing, elasticity improved, lifting and as smooth as silk.    

The selected hand caring ingredient stars sea fennel, AQUAXYL™ patented hydrating ingredients, Japanese blood grass, lupin protein with many other highly effective nourishing ingredients, ready for a “Hand SPA” at home at any time. 20 minutes quick fix for dehydrating and ageing hands.

Focusing on rough and damaged hand skin, improving rough and dull complexion, relieving irritation discomfort from dehydrating and cracking skin. Intensively nourishing hands and nails, enhancing protection with elastic and smooth complexion.

Maintaining a silky-smooth pair of young looking hands filling with moisture is absolutely enviable!

See below the 5-Steps Hand Spa at Home detail, check our Hand Care Leaflet or watch our videos.

MAGIC MANICURE 2 Phase Hand Peeling

Clean hands with water without drying them. Shake the MAGIC MANICURE well and put about 1.25ml of the hand peeling oil in your palm, then massage gently on your hands alternatively and repeat between the palms and fingers for about 2 minutes. Rinse the sea salt peeling oil with warm water as a final step. Dry with a towel without soap washing.

NICE DAY Handlotion

Take about 2 ml of massage cream and massage on your hands for 3 minutes without washing before applying the 10 MIN HYDRA Hand Mask.

10 MIN HYDRA Hand Mask

Apply about 3 ml of HYDRA Hand Mask on theback of both hands, wrap them with either cling wrap or plastic gloves, massage gently after 10minutes and rinse with water.


With only a pump of Hand Serum, apply it evenly to the back of the hands and tap on to absorb. Apply the SILKY GLOVES Protecting Hand Serum thereafter.

SILKY GLOVES Protecting Hand Serum

Take 1 pump essence and apply the Hand Serum evenly to the back of your hands. The Serum will form a protective film on the hands, keeping the skin moisture and protecting the hands like a glove.

5-Steps Hand Spa at Home