MAGIC MANICURE 2-Phase Hand Peeling

Magic Manicure is a 2-phase hand peeling oil – peel and care together in just 1 product!

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MAGIC MANICURE 2-Phase Hand Peeling (Vegan)

  • Magic Manicure is a 2-phase hand peeling – peel and care in just one product!
  • A 60-second peeling for a velvety – soft skin feeling.
  • For removing dead skin cells and refining the complexion.

The hand care is suitable for all skin types. From the 20th years of age, the collagen formation of the body cells is reduced. The skin is supplied with less moisture and requires more and more time to regenerate. All the more important it is to start with special pre-aging products in order to avoid the first signs of premature skin aging at all.

With the products of the hand care line from Alessandro Spa the skin is optimally and sustainably moisturized. The typical signs of low-moisture skin reduce and the hands become youthful, smooth and supple.


About Magic Manicure 2-Phase Hand Peeling

  1. Use the precious natural rich compound plant oil, combined with natural sea salt crystals to have a quick dead skin exfoliating .
  2. Rich in vitamins A, E and polyunsaturated fatty acids to anti signs of aging.
  3. Work on the rough and chapped hands of the housewife and restore the plump and shiny texture.
  4. Will become your first choice in Hand Care through realize the dream of keeping your hands moist and soft.
  5. Magic Manicure provides the skin optimally and sustainably with moisture.
  6. Magic Manicure is part of the Spa hand care line by alessandro.
  7. Box content: 1 x 100 ml


Key Ingredients

Natural crystalline sea salt, soybean oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E, sweet orange peel oil, sunflower seed oil, peppermint essential oil, spearmint essential oil, rosemary essential oil.



  • Wash your hands first, shake the exfoliating oil well, drop it on your palm (approximately 1.25ml), alternately massage your palms, backs of hands and fingers in gentle circular motions for about 2 minutes. Rough or hand with calluses, you can massage a little longer, then, finally rinse with warm water, without using soap, and dry with a towel. After peeling, apply hand cream for a final protection.
  • Shake well, let the sweet almond oil fully mixed with the sea salt, before use!


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